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Jess and Chris

Direction, Production & Editing

I had the opportunity to photograph Jess and Chris just this passed weekend. Going into it, there was tension, as there always is before photographing someone. My number 1 goal is to have those I photograph to be as comfortable as possible - so while I setup my lights and camera I just have conversations, learning more about each other.

Once we got shooting we all got adjusted rather quickly. I threw some music on, had a list of poses, and directed shooting from there. Again - keeping in mind to keep Jess and Chris as comfortable as possible, if I felt resistance to an idea, I would ask, saying "if not, no worries". Besides that, the only thing to really stress about was the positioning of my flash in relation to myself and the subject. The goal was to create high contrast, sharp images, which is heavily determined by the positioning of the light. The light was just out of frame for nearly every single one of these images.

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