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I was doing my routine "message as many people as possible in LA" per usual. Julie got back to me, agreeing to the mood board and we started planning. I was impressed with Julie's instagram, she seems to be doing at least 2 shoots/week and is constantly posting new things. Honestly I was pretty intimidated with this shoot - she was obviously an experienced model, so I really had to pull all my stops out.

The shoot was planned to start at 1pm in the studio. I was told that the studio was free the whole day, so I was pretty relaxed going into the day - planning to get to the studio at 11:30 and start setting up. Get this, I get a call at 11 from the studio "Susan (not her name) just showed up and started shooting, she wasn't on the schedule." So, of course, I start freaking out. I was halfway to the studio - in my car driving over. I was pissed.

I got to the studio at 12:30 - because my shoot is scheduled for 1. And Susan is STILL shooting. I was so on edge. FINALLY!!! Susan leaves at 12:50 and I get all setup by 1:10 - had to have Julie wait for a few minutes... what a great way to start a shoot.... Anyways, she comes up while I'm finishing setup and she starts to get ready. She brought tons of outfits, jewelry, hair and makeup. She is a wizard. In the end we made such beautiful images and we are already planning to do another shoot.


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